Do you have a FinTech Advantage?

The economy is growing – external pressures are lighter – and innovative Tech is released daily.

We track these trends so you don’t have to.  Our expertise in Banking + Process Improvement + Technology + Software Development provides a unique & stress free offering set.

  • Peer bench-marking and Technology trend analysis
  • Technology cost analysis – what is right “right for you”
  • Process Improvement & Software Customization
  • Custom Software development partnerships – agile delivery like you own your own company at a lower cost, fast!

Banking Acumen

We understand the business of banking, and how to build a customer relationship across the  product offering.

  Commercial Lending
  Treasury Mgmt
  Branch Network
  Online Channels
  Consumer Lending
  Risk Management

Broaden Client Relationships

Constantly deepen and widen client relationships across your business teams using our banking acumen, systems / data / automation expertise.

Accelerate Net Income

Give your Sales team the tools to produce and Credit & Operations to digitize & automate the processes.  So the acceleration of revenue outpaces expenses.

Techie Expertise

We know bank software, and how they’re used for each business.  More important – we know how to implement and integrate them.  Cut through the sales pitches, and get the best business outcome for your Capital Investment.

That’s one FinTech Advantage!

Our positive impact –

  • Customer Experience
  • Executive Reporting
  • Deployment of Capital
  • Expense Management
  • Process & Continuous Improvement
  • IT Process
  • Information Security
  • M & Activities
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • And more…

FinTech Advantage Professional

Sometimes you need a executive presence to bounce ideas around, keep 3rd parties honest, drive business outcomes – we do this with FTA Pro.

We offer you the best banking professionals with a strong Tech competency to drive your results.  Are you investing significant capital in a critical IT system?  Is Information Security a hot topic?  Is there a buzz word your looking to discuss – like Blockchain?

FinTech Advantage Services

Do you need to implement a system and it requires customization to be integrated?

Do you need help with your Core Banking platforms or other Banking Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) systems?

Do you do something special, and want us to build custom software for you?

We have the Techies to do it all!